Membership and Page Access Restrictions in Dukawise

Membership and Page Access Restrictions are finally here! You can now enable member registrations and restrict access to certain pages in your website.

Membership is a feature that almost no other website builder offers.

Use it to create groups of users and set permissions and access levels throughout your website. With the upcoming e-commerce, your customers will have order history and faster checkouts.

For example, you can integrate it into an online courses website and restrict access to lessons for some of your visitors.

Photographers can protect their work and allow downloads for premium visitors only.

Enable Membership

Enabling Membership is very simple.

Go to Dashboard > Members, click on Settings and check "Allow registrations".

Select whether or not to show the login / register link in your menu from the dropdown below and you are ready to go!

You can also enable member approval and change the default member group. We are giving you the option to add members yourself, edit their information or reset their password. If you add a member manually, he will receive an email invitation to set his password.

The predefined design of the login, register and member profile layouts are using your primary color to blend perfectly with your website design.

To restrict access to certain pages, open your page settings and choose one of the available Page

Access settings:

Public - your page will be visible to everyone

Password Protected - password will be required to access this page

Members Only - will allow you to select groups of members that are allowed to visit this page

You can create a mesh of access levels and permissions to achieve the end result you want. Basic Subscriptions are allowed up to 100 members and all other plans have unlimited registrations.


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