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We are the ultimate guide to succesful Website Building tactics.

Increase Your Visits

Starting to grow an audience for your website is always hard. What's the point of creating a nice website if there's no one that sees what you have in it. There are a few tips that can help you improve your visibility and search position.

Possibly the most important part is to have nice and compelling content on your website. Put yourself in your visitors shoes and try to understand what they are looking for and what's the best way to present that information to them. The landing page, which usually is the homepage can be your hero or a zero in that sense. You need to catch their attention with short but straight to the point texts and nice imagery. It great to have nice pictures to illustrate what's the topic of the section and catch the visitors attention for a longer time. These nice and well thought content elements will bring more traffic and improve your chances of converting it to a potential repeating visitor or customer.

Keywords, keywords and again keywords


Define a list of the most important keywords for your business and try to use them throughout your website. Use them in titles, in headers in the content in general. This way the search engines will list your website better when people search for similar words. But don't forget, don't overdo it because it will look spammy and might lead to a negative result.

Track your visitors

Use tracking services like google Adwords, facebook pixel and so on to track where your visitors come from, what they are searching for or how they behave once they visit you. It's important to understand your visitors in order to make them a repeating one or to attract more like them.

Search Friendly URLs

Make sure your page URLs are well written, containing keywords and be accurate with what your page content is. This will again help you with your search listings and how people feel before clicking on your URLs.

Page Speed

There's nothing more annoying than having a slow page. There are a few things that can cause that from a website perspective. You need to use web quality images with sizes no bigger than 300-400kbs at most. That doesn't mean you should upload load quality, just make sure they are nicely compressed. Using a slow platform where your website can also slow your website significantly. In Simvoly, for example, our main focus was to bring a lightning fast and simple structure of the templates to make your websites fast and smooth.

Links to you

One of the most important elements, that's the link building. It's as hard as important, creating quality links takes a lot of time and effort. You can try by finding quality listing sites to register your business and link back to you. Guest blogging and articles about your website is pretty much the best way to get nice exposure out there. If you can manage to get posted on a few places that can really have a great start for you and your endeavors.

Social Media

No need to tell you that everyone one is on at least one or two social media platforms. Creating a page for your business/website and sharing your updates there is a nice start. Try to be active and to attract more interaction, it will pay out in the long run.

So these are a few tips that will help you increase your website visits and possibly lead to some customers. Please let me know in the comments about other begining tips that can be included in the article.


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